Posted by: rodminkey | February 18, 2019

A Maxi 1000 – ‘Neroli’ – FOR SALE –

By : RYA – sale/purchase contract, see link below :-

My wife & I have owned ‘NEROLI’ since May 2002 having sailed her mainly on the east coast of UK where we where based on the beautiful River Orwell.

With occasional trips across the Thames Estuary and south to the Solent and Devon, we have also ventured across the North Sea to Belgium, France and Holland, proving that this vessel is easily capable of making international passages.

Neroli is a well built Swedish ‘cruiser/racer’, comfortable yet capable of quick passages and easily handled by just two or even single handed when the self-tacker is set up.

This site is intended to encourage friends & ‘would be sailors’ to venture onto the seas, preferably in a capable and seaworthy boat, to experience the freedom and relaxing environment which still exists for those that seek sanity in an ever increasingly mad world!